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Sulfur Recovery Catalyst (Claus catalyst) was produced in our complex in 2010.

Sulfur recovery refers to the conversion of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to elemental sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct of crude oil and natural gas processing, is recovered and converted to elemental sulfur by the Claus process. The process consists of multistage catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide that each stage consists of special catalyst.

The major usage of this group of products (catalysts) (which are based on special synthesized Alumina and special Titanium oxide in three different types) are in gas treatment sections. Paralcat® is unique catalyst for production of sulfur and capable to convert high organic sulfur and has good thermal stability and longer service life. The capacity of our production unit is 2000 ton/year.

Tehran Oil Refinery and the first SPGC use this catalyst.

Till now 45000 kg of PSQ1, the Claus catalyst base on Alumina and 11000 kg of PSQ4, which base on Titanium oxide have been delivered to Tehran Oil Refinery. Also 3 types of Claus catalyst have been consumed in SPGC phase 1 in 2011 and Tehran Oil Refinery (4 Contracts).

15000 kg of PSQ1-S has been loaded in Imam Khomeini Shazand Oil Refinery in 2015.

20000 kg of PSQ2 delivered to Razi Petrochemical in 2017.


PARALCAT® PSQ-1S Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

PARALCAT® PSQ-1S is a kind of special synthesized alumina type of sulfur recovery catalyst. It has super activity and more pore volume rather than normal Al2O3, high hydrolysis of low organic sulfur and high thermal stability and longer service life in comparison with other competitor. It was indicated by industrial application that PSQ-1S has high activity and high strength, which its service life will be more than 5 years.
PARALCAT® PSQ1-S has more Alumina & lower Na2O content, also more specific surface area & pore volume rather than PSQ-1, and as a result sulfides content in Claus tail gas can be lowered down to <1%(v/v); other performances are equivalent to French Axens CR-3S sulfur recovery catalyst. PSQ-1S can be used to treat various acidic gases containing H2S. Its operating temperature is 200~300℃, and reaction space velocity is 600~1200h-1.

Paralcat PSQ2

PARALCAT® PSQ-2 Claus and O2 Scavenging Bi-functional Catalyst

PARALCAT® PSQ-2 Claus & O2 scavenging bi-functional catalyst is a new type of sulfur recovery catalyst, that is uses the special alumina as the carrier, with proprietary additives. Not only it has the characteristics of high Claus activity and good activity stability, but also it has scavenging function on trace O2 (max 1%) in the process gas, which prevents itself and downstream catalyst from sulfation poisoning. PARALCAT® PSQ-2 is equivalent to Axens AM catalyst in comprehensive performances. It can be used to treat various acidic gases containing H2S. Its operating temperature is 200~300℃, and reaction space velocity is 600~1200h-1.


PARALCAT® PSQ-4 Sulfation Resistant Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

PARALCAT® PSQ-4 is a new type of sulfur recovery catalyst that is uses TiO2 as a main active component, and proprietary assistant as a sulfation resistant component. Its main advantage is, it wouldn’t be poisoned by sulfation during operation also Claus conversion could nearly reach thermodynamics equilibrium, and organic sulfur hydrolysis could reach to 100%. In the following, its characteristics and the main physical properties are seen in the next table:...



PARALCAT® PSQ-8B is used to prompt the hydrogenation of elemental sulfur vapor, SO2 as well as the hydrolysis of COS and CS2 to H2S. PP&C can suggest this type of catalyst for operation conditions that can be worked in lower temperature. PARALCAT® PSQ-8B sulfur tail gas hydrogenation catalyst uses compound oxides including Al2O3 as the carrier and Co, Mo, Ni, as active components. It has the advantages of uniform dispersion of active components, reasonable and centralized distribution of pore diameter, etc....


PARALCAT® PSQ-9 Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

PARALCAT® PSQ-9 is an upgraded TiO2-Al2O3 catalyst for sulfur recovery, which loads active component TiO2 on the activated carrier of Al2O3 through special impregnation technology. It has a high Claus activity and is more active to the hydrolysis for organic sulfide COS and CS2. PARALCAT® PSQ-9 sulfur recovery catalyst can be applied at any sulfur recovery process and can also be filled below the first reactor for the hydrolysis of organic sulfides COS/CS2. PARALCAT® PSQ-9 sulfur recovery catalyst can be used to treat various H2S-containing acid gases at a working temperature of 200〜350℃ and an air speed of 600〜1,200h-1.

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