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About Us

Introduction of Pars Pigment & Catalyst Co. (PP&C)

Pars Pigment and Catalyst Company is the prior Iranian manufacturer of catalysts and adsorbents used in oil and gas refinery, petrochemical, and steel industries on a large scale and with a suitable production capacity can meet the needs of this part of the industry. PP&C production facilities have been located in Babol, Mazandaran, as a registered number: 355/408. Headquarters office is in Tehran. ZnO Desulfurizer, Merox Catalyst, Claus Catalysts, Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina, Active Clay, and HDS Catalysts are some of the company’s products.

PP&C is the first and largest Zinc Oxide producer in Iran, which introduced this product under the brand name “PARZINOX®️ to the market in 1980. Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is a compound widely used in the rubbers, ceramic, paint & polymer, pharmaceutical, agricultural industry, and its usage in producing sulfur absorbents and catalysts is very important. PARZINOX has rapidly established itself as a key player in the market.


The first phase of PARZICAT®️ (Zinc Oxide H2S absorbent) production unit was launched by the commercial manager of NIORDC on 11th of June 2007 with the capacity of 2000 kg/day (2 shifts/day). In July 2007, PARZICAT®️ was introduced to the domestic market. Moreover, this absorbent has been approved and confirmed by the Oil Refineries, Petrochemical and Steel Complexes.


PP&C Co. succeed to produce petroleum fractions treatment catalyst for removal of mercaptans under the brand name "PARMOCAT®️ 634L30" (replacement for UOP Merox which is known in Iranian market) by support of NIORDC Manager. PARMOCAT®️ catalyst uses for chemical treatment of petroleum fractions by removal of sulfur presented as mercaptan or direct conversion of mercaptans to disulfides (sweetening). It is used for liquid phase treating of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas liquids (NGL), naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuels, diesel fuels, and heating oils. There are several versions for the convention of mercaptans to disulfides which fix bed process is common. This catalyst has been consumed in some different oil refineries and its quality approved, too. Today, PARMOCAT®️ is used in all oil Refineries and the capacity of our production unit is 15 tons/year. The quality of the product has been confirmed by Kermanshah, Shiraz, Abadan, and Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery as well.


PP&C produced molecular sieves in 4 major types: 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X, as the brand name of "PARMOLSIV®️" The production capacity of this unit is 2000 tons/year, our products was used in major oil refineries and petrochemical complexes such as: Pars, Khorasan, and Arvand. For instance PP&C produced 400 MT Molecular Sieve 5A for Tehran Refinery and 952 MT Molecular Sieve 13X for SPGC and Molecular Sieve 3A For Imam Khomeini Shazand Oil Refinery.


Sulfur Recovery Catalyst (Claus catalyst) was produced in our complex in 2010. Sulfur recovery refers to the conversion of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to elemental sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct of crude oil and natural gas processing, is recovered and converted to elemental sulfur by the Claus process. The process consists of multistage catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide that each stage consists of special catalyst. The major usage of this group of products catalysts which are based on special synthesized Alumina and special Titanium oxide in three different types are in gas treatment units and sulfur recovery plants. PARALCAT®️ is a unique catalyst for the production of sulfur and is capable to convert high organic sulfur and has good thermal stability and longer service life. The capacity of our production unit is 2000 tons/year. PARALCAT®️ has been used in oil and gas refineries. For instance, 500 tons of PSQ1 to Haheminejad Gas Refinery.


The initial contracts have been concluded via NIOEC to provide HDS catalyst under the brand name of “PARHYDCAT®️. The first part approximately 65 MT (KHT) was delivered to Tehran Oil Refinery and loaded to produce kerosene according to Euro 4 standard. Then another part about 265 MT (GHT) that produced (by PP&C was delivered to Tehran Oil Refinery in October 2012 for loading in gas oil hydrotreating unit. First PP&C NHDS Catalyst was loaded in Imam Khomeini Shazand Oil Refinery.


In 2012, PP&C bought the technology of producing Low Temperature Shift Conversion (LTSC) Catalyst. PARSHICAT®️ B-204—Low Temperature Water Gas Shift Catalyst is a kind of CuO-ZnO-Al2O3 based product prepared with the advanced process. The CO shift process is one of the significant processes in the ammonia and hydrogen production plants. Tabriz Oil Refinery is the first unit that has used PP&C PARSHICAT®️. PP&C has produced 26000 kg of this Product for Tabriz Oil Refinery.


ALUMINA is used as the carrier for various catalysts. Activated Alumina as a desiccant is our new products. This group of products under the registered name "PARCATABASE®️" and "PARALUOX®️" are supplied to customers, such as Persian Gas Refinery, Abadan Refinery, Mobarakeh Steel complex, SPGC, and Tabriz Oil Refinery.