Technical Services

Pars Pigment & Catalyst

Technical Services

We can provide start up schedule, off-site assistance during the operation. We can offer operating data revision and report, operational advice, suggested temperature profile strategy, etc. If necessary, go to guide start up but at the customer’s cost.

PP&C also provide the following services:

Supervision of Catalyst (adsorbent) quality

PP&C can carry out necessary tests. These tests will be done periodically before loading and after operation.

Development and giving recommendations on

- Loading of the catalyst system.

- Operation of the catalyst system.

Theoretical and practical assistance

- Loading the catalyst

- Starting up process of the catalyst

Monitoring of catalyst operation including consulting services in case of non-routine situation in catalyst operation processes

PP&C should provide with all the recommendations for improving the unit operation. In dramatic cases of catalyst operation, the technical negotiations will be held in-situ due to works schedule and opportunities of PP&C specialists visiting.

Analyses of the catalyst

samples taken from the unit for determination of the remaining operation life of each catalyst and analyzing the main parameters (chemical & physical properties) during the cycle.