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ACTIVATED ALUMINA including gamma-alumina is mainly used as the catalyst support for various catalysts. This group of products under the registered name “PARALUOX®“.

PARALUOX® products are used commercially in multilayered temperature swing adsorbers (TSA) principally for humidity, carbon dioxide and acidic removal from compressed air stream meant for cryogenic air separation process. R464+ has a special removing function for H2S, CS2 and COS (Equivalent to SAS451). R464 enhances the drying function for multi-bed units (Equivalent to SAS513) as well as protecting layer for in MRU. These Absorbent/Adsorbent divided into a wide range of sub branches per following:

PARALUOX® R-448/448+/447/447+/464/ 464+, …

PARALUOX® AM-01/ 13-Z, …

PARALUOX® F-200/240, …

Fluid and gas drying desiccant, activated alumina sphere, is made by special technology. It’s widely used in liquid and gas molecule adsorption, especially those molecules with strong polarity. Gas pressure, concentration, molecular weight, and temperature affect the adsorption effect.

The uniform sphere size is useful in the dehydration of high-pressure gas. All kind of PARALUOX® have a smooth round surface and uniform size, which can prevent segregation and channelling, decrease the pressure drop in the bed, and thus make full use of the absorber column. Advantages of this Absorbent/Adsorbent Includes:

High Crushing Strength

Low Attrition

Large Adsorption Capacity

Variety of Application

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